When Firewood Gets Scary

Wood piles.

They can happen to almost anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Sure, you wanted a little wood. Your friends told you that getting a cord would be a good idea so that you could have a few fires this winter...

Next thing you know? You've got a WOOD PILE! (Pretty scary looking, huh? And it's not even Halloween.)

Taller than your fence and half as big as your garage. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Call TinderPro TODAY

Firewood Ripoff

I came across this scene at a gas station the other day.

Look closely at how many pieces of wood you get for your $11.49 (it says after tax in small print).

8 pieces! Is there something wrong with this or what?  I also throw in a few smaller pieces on top so that you can get a nice fire going before those big, long-burning pieces go on.

I always over-deliver! Stay warm and drop us an email today!