Commercial and Restaurant Firewood

Firewood for Restaurants

Find out what our customers have known for years: there IS such a thing as dry, consistently split, awesome firewood.

Cooking with firewood is difficult. It's not regulated like gas. Large pieces burn slower than smaller pieces. Wet pieces create a cool spot on your grill or in your oven.

If you're making pizza, you want a clean crisp flame. You want the heat and a little smoke, but you aren't "smoking" the pizza. Same thing if you're grilling. You might be using the smoke to impart flavor on your food, but you want to be able to control that flavor. How much smoke, and even where on the grill it's coming from. For this some of our customers use wood chips soaked in water, and others use lump charcoal of their favorite flavor wood.

We offer kiln-dried wood in consistent dimensions that is best for your cooking needs. But it doesn't stop there.

  • We are reliable. We understand that your restaurant depends on our firewood being there on time, when we agreed to deliver it. We understand that emergencies happen and people forget. We've got your back.
  • We are consistent. We deliver the same quantity every time. We also have someone from your restaurant check the delivery and sign off before we leave.
  • The wood is awesome. Every Time. Kiln-dried firewood comes out the same every time. Unlike seasoned wood, kiln dried wood is baked in an over, just like your food! It comes out the same way (nice and dry, ready to burn) every time.
  • No bugs. Have you heard about asian long horned beetle? Emerald ash borer? These are bugs that have devastating consequences for our local forests. Find out more in my article Don't Move Firewood to the left.

Customers and Kitchen staff alike should insist on insect free, kiln-dried wood.

Due to the varying requirements of restaurants, we need to quote individually. Prices vary based on your location, volume, and delivery options.

Please give us a call or use the contact form to send us a message and we can have a conversation about your specific needs.