All Birch Firewood, Stacking Included

All Birch, Stacking Included!

Birch trees are most commonly known for their unique bark. There are 3 common types of birch found in the area: Black, Yellow, and White. Prized for their easy to burn nature, they all make great firewood, with Black and Yellow actually producing more heat than the more commonly sought after White. White Birch is possibly the most fun, with that paper-like flaky bark that people like to pick at, peel, and start fires with. When burned all birch firewood has a really nice, sweet smell to it. This smell is actually very similar to a wintergreen aroma. The whole experience is distinctly New England.

We are trying a trial run of a new program that combines two common requests: Stacking, and all birch firewood!

For $250, you will receive 1/8th cord of all birch firewood, with stacking included. We can go up the stairs, around the house, in the back yard, wherever you need your firewood stacked up. We are offering this program EVERY OTHER WEEKEND ONLY as we need to build up the orders and deliver in one day to make sure we have the people and firewood in place.

Check out our "Buy Firewood Online" page for details on how to order.