Firewood with Free Delivery in Massachusetts

Firewood with Free Delivery in the Boston Massachusetts Area

Get a great fire going tonight! Burning wood is a fun (and cost effective) way to keep warm in the winter, provided that you have a wood burning stove or a fireplace. My name is Robert, and I am the owner of

TinderPro is a firewood delivery company that specializes in small quantities (1 cord, 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord). We can help by delivering smaller quantities (enough for a few fires) every few days (or just a few times if you like the occasional fire) during the winter, so that you can have a nice fire every now and then without the hassle of storing a lot of wood. You can buy firewood online, or you can call us directly to order.

How we help out with Firewood:
  • Live in an apartment in/around Boston and want an occasional fire? No problem.
  • Have no room to store lots of wood? No problem!
  • Your regular supplier has left you high and dry (AND COLD!)? NO PROBLEM.
  • Want to surprise someone special with a romantic night by the fire? You rock! We'll drop off the wood ASAP!
You can place your order online and pay with credit card, we also take orders over the phone and accept cash, whichever is easiest for you.
Please use our links on the left hand side of this page to navigate. Thank your for visiting Tinder Pro! Stay warm! Official PayPal Seal